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TN-01: From Ether to Ethernet: D-TA Radio Products Overview
Provides an overview about D-TA Radio Products
Read how our Radio platform can help you develop complex systems virtually effortlessly. 


TN-02: From Hydrophone to Computer: D-TA Sonar / Acoustics Products Overview
Provides an overview about D-TA Radio Products
Read how our Acoustic platform can help you develop complex systems virtually effortlessly.  

TN-03: Network Attached Sensor Processing: The New Paradigm

Discusses the new era ushered in by 10Gigabit Network Attached Sensor Processing.

Read how Network Attached Sensor Interface systems greatly speed up system integration and deployment and provide the best analog performance and high speed for faster data transfer. 

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TN-20: DTA-3290 -- A Complete Software Defined Radio with Tunable RF Transceiver Front End up to 6 GHz

Click here to read about the DTA-3290.

TN-24: Noise Figure & IP3 Optimization for D-TA RF Products

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TN-27: Cost-Effective Wideband RF Record and Playback System Using DTA-3290
Wideband cost effective RF Record / Playback solutions using the DTA-3290
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TN-28: SigInspector(TM) -- A versatile RF Spectrum Monitoring and Recording Software for the DTA-3290
Spectrum monitoring, detection and wideband recording has never been so simple using the SigInspector(TM) software for the DTA-3290. Playback of recorded signal or arbitrary waveform generation for extended period of time is also simplified.
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TN-29: RFvision-Broadview for Flexible Spectrum Monitoring and Signal Recognition
The RFvision-Broadview is an open architecture system designed for flexible spectrum monitoring and signal recognition based on the DTA-3290 high-performance transceiver.
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TN-34: SigInspector(TM)-1 (Advanced) -- A versatile RF Spectrum Monitoring and Recording Software for the DTA-3290

The SigInspector(TM)-1 (Advanced) builds on the standard SigInspector(TM)-1 and provides additional features like narrow band channelization (up to 4096 narrowband channels), real-time transfer of narrow-band channels over the 1GbE network with VITA-49 protocol, etc.

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TN-04: Getting to Know the DTA-2210
The DTA-2210 is a single channel digital IF transceiver. email us to get a copy of this Tech Note:
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TN-41: DTA-3380 -- Multi-channel Phase Coherent Open Architecture Transceiver with 80 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth

Click here to read about the DTA-3380.


DTA-9500 and DTA-9590

TN-30: Digitization at the Antenna with DTA-9500, Featuring Multi-GSPS ADC and DAC and Multiple 10GbE networks
Digitization at the antenna has been the ultimate objective for implementing a true SDR. Read how this is possible with the DTA-9500 offering multi GSPS ADC and DAC together with multiple 10GbE networks. The architecture allows recording of multiple 1.5 GHz bandwidth RF signals for a continuous and sustained basis.

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TN-31: DTA-5900 Ultra Wideband RF Tuner for DTA-9500

The DTA-5900 is a ultra-wideband RF tuner covering up to 26.5 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz and an IF of 1.2 GHz which is conveniently digitized and recorded by the DTA-9500 and the DTA-5000. The unit is only available as part of an integrated ultra-wideband recording solution.

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TN-32: DTA-9590 Ultra Wideband Transceiver & RFvision-2 Integrated Spectrum Monitoring System Simplify Ultra wideband Spectrum Processing

Read how the RFvision-2 comprising of the ultra wideband transceiver DTA-9590 allows ultra wideband spectrum monitoring with coverage up to 18GHz and instantaneous bandwidth up to 500 MHz.

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TN-33: Ultra Wideband RF Spectrum Monitoring, Recording and Playback

Read how to obtain a 500 MHz instantaneous detection bandwidth using the DTA-9500. Multiple DTA-9500 units can be used to expand the detection bandwidth to 2GHz. The high speed recording capability allows continuous and sustained recording of teh entire 2GHz detection band.

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TN-16: Synchronized Multi-channel Tunable RF Up and Down Converters
DTA-3200 is a versatile synchronized  multi-channel RF up and downconverter providing coverage up to 6 GHz with an instantaneous bandwidth of 40 MHz.
Click here to read more information on the multi-channel synchronized DTA-3200 RF up and down converter.

TN-24: Noise Figure & IP3 Optimization for D-TA RF Products

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TN-05: Getting to Know the DTA-2300
The DTA-2300 is a multi channel digital IF transceiver offering upto 16 synchronized channels with unmatched analog performance, unprecedented digital processing power and network speed.
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TN-06: Real-life Performance of D-TA Digital IF Platforms
Read about the real life performance of D-TA IF Platforms and their superb SNR, SFDR  and harmonic performance for the most sensitive digital radio. 

TN-07: Precision Phase Matching with DTA-2300
Read how the DTA-2300 offers not only near perfect synchronization of all channels, but also provides provisions for compensating for any RF or cable mismatch. 

TN-10: Expanding FPGA resources in the DTA-2300 and implementing FPGA cores
In this technical note we discuss how the FPGA resources in the DTA-2300 may be expanded and powerful DSP functionality may be implemented in the on-board FPGAs.
Find out about the pre-configured cores from D-TA Systems and how these would reduce your time to market and system deployment costs.

TN-12: DTA-2300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
More details regarding the DTA-2300 is available in this Tech Note.
Click here to find our more about the DTA-2300.

 TN-13: Low Cost Close in IF Phase Noise Measurements using the 16-bit IF Processing Platforms
The phase noise characterization for the D-TA IF platforms is presented.

Click here to find out about the phase noise characterization of the D-TA IF platforms

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TN-21: Synchronized Arbitrary Waveform Generation for RF Test and Scenario Generation
Multi-channel arbitrary waveform generation is an extremely important aspect of development of RF simulation, stimulation and test beds. These applications generally require synchronized operation across multiple channels (antenna outputs) and require tunability and programmability over a large frequency of operation.
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TN-25: Continuous, Sustained and Scalable Recording of 10Gigabit Ethernet Data at 4GBytes/sec
The DTA-5000 is an extremely scalable and powerful 10GbE record and playback system. The DTA-5000 is also available as a stand-alone 10GbE recorder that can record user generated 10GbE UDP/IP traffic at close to line rate. Unprecedented scalability allows multiple DTA-5000 recorders to be used in parallel to increase total recording rate.
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TN-26: Backing up Recorded Data from DTA-5000 Series of High Speed Recorders
High speed back up options for the DTA-5000 data recorders.
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TN-22: DTA-4100 High Frequency Data Acquisition System for Demanding Sonar / Acoustic Applications
DTA-4100 is designed for high frequency, high precision and high channel count sonar and acoustic applications.
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TN-23: Oversampling Beamforming with the DTA-4100
Time Domain Oversampling beamforming can be easily performed with the DTA-41000.
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 10GbE and Software

TN-14: Real Time Processing of 10GbE Sensor Data with D-TA's Innovative Software Development Kit
In this Tech Note we address these questions and demonstrate how the D-TA Software Development Kit (SDK) simplifies easy development of real time processing modules for today's high performance multi-core servers.
Read more about how D-TA SDK enables implementation of multi-core processing.

TN-15: Enabling 10GbE Network Based Sensor Interfacing and Processing: Advantages and Overcoming Challenges
D-TA Systems has been a pioneer in this field and has been the only company to have introduced 10GbE network based products to cover the whole gamut of sensor interfacing and processing: from the sensor to the computer.
Read how the large bandwidth and exceptional scalability of the 10GbE network offer an incredible way of designing solutions that can seamlessly scale up with increasing channel count and bandwidth.
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TN-08: Precision RF Direction Finding
Read how the DTA-3200 RF unit and the DTA-2300 Digital IF Processing unit offers a much simpler and more accurate way of developing an interferometer based on phase difference measurement system.  

TN-09: Sonobuoy RF Processing with DTA Radio Products
The DTA offers a high performance true software radio platform that allows the user to implement a versatile multi-channel Sonobuoy receiver in a 1U high 19" rackmount space.
Read how the DTA offers significant cost savings and performance improvement for implementing multi-channel Sonobuoy receivers.  

TN-17: Multi-Antenna Software Radio configurations complete with RF, IF, Record/Playback and Multi-core software processing
Read about complete SDR solutions (from RF to baseband) built with D-TA's standard products.

TN-19: Phase Coherent Multi-channel HF Processing
The DTA-3200H and the DTA-2300 allows a high dynamic range HF platform to be built with direct digitization with any analog conversion.
Click here to read about direct HF Processing. 
Click here to get detailed performance characterization (TN-38)

TN-35: D-TA Radio Products Simplify SIGINT/COMINT/ELINT System Development

D-TA’s software defined radio products for wideband and ultra-wideband applications have simplified development of SIGINT, COMINT & ELINT systems. Read how D-TA Radio products simplify SIGINT / COMINT / ELINT applications and offer end-to-end coverage.

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TN-36: Low Cost Radar Signal Recording, Simulation and Real Time Open Architecture Processing System

D-TA’s open architecture record / platback system can address a wide variety of applications. In this Tech Note we discuss how these solutions can  be utilized to build a fully functional radar recording and simulation platform.

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TN-38: HF Platform System Characterization

D-TA Systems combines low distortion HF analog front-end with high precision digitization capability to implement an industry leading open architecture HF platform for single and multi-channel application. Detailed characterization results are presented in this Tech Note.

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TN-42: Multi-Channel Radar Simulator using RFvision-2

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