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D-TA provides ‘end-to-end’ coverage with RF, IF, Record & Playback and Multi-Core Software Processing with the most advanced technologies anywhere.

Imagine the feeling, being able to do what you love to do. Building next generation radio, radar, SIGINT or sonar systems and not having to start with bunch of COTS boards from different vendors that you know will take a long time to build and test. D-TA understands the pain and the cost. D-TA’s reconfigurable box level products are ‘plug & play’ solutions that can be reconfigured for any application. They also bring you the most advanced technologies, like: 10 Gigabit sensor processing; multi-antenna tunable RF receive & transmit; 16-bit digital IF; phase coherent operation; ultra-fast record and playback; multi-core software processing; and, high-precision & fully synchronized sonar processing at most affordable prices. What that means is that you can start your application development, right out of the box. No ifs or buts.

D-TA products are designed to fit customer requirements exactly. Platform optimized SDKs enable users to quickly build command and control software. FDK and Ready to run FPGA cores help to reduce development time. With D-TA 'plug & play' sub-systems customers can set up field trials immediately!

Recognizing that not all requirements can be met by standard products, D-TA Design Group was established to offer design, development and manufacturing services in RF, Mixed-Signal, Digital, and Video systems.

D-TA Systems also offers full systems integration services through strategic partners.

D-TA Systems Inc. is a member of the Control Goods Program (CGRP) and adheres to the export control program and laws. Content from this site may be downloaded in accordance with applicable export control laws.

D-TA Systems Corporation is a US entity based in Maryland, which serve the US DoD customers and primes. D-TA Systems has a field office in France, which serve the European Market. Asia Pacific region is served by well-established embedded systems distributors.


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